Things I Hate Hearing When I’m About to Travel

Preparing for a trip is an exciting time for me.  Being able to visit a place on my bucket list and getting time off from work is something I always look forward to.  I also enjoy hearing from people who wish me safe travels, but there are a lot of things that I hate hearing people say when they find out I’m going on yet another trip.

  1. Didn’t you just go on vacation?

I usually get this question from people I work with.  Whether I did go on vacation recently or not is my business.  I use my vacation time wisely, unlike some people I’ve worked with, so I always have enough time off when I decide to take a trip.

  1. You must have money

Just because I travel out of the country frequently, people are quick to assume that I have a lot of money.  I am not rich at all, I just know how to manage my money so that I can afford to go to different places in the world.  What’s funny about that is I know people who spent more money to go to a Beyonce concert than I spent to book a flight to London.  I don’t judge people who pay a lot of money to go to a concert because that’s what they enjoy, and traveling is what I enjoy.

  1. Bring me back a souvenir

People always ask me to get them a souvenir, whether it’s a refrigerator magnet or a bottle of liquor that you can’t find in America.  I even get this question from distant relatives who I barely see or talk to.  I don’t have that much money to come back with gifts for everybody, so the people I’m not really close to will have to get their own souvenirs.

  1. Take me with you

If I wanted someone to go on a trip with me, I would ask them if they want to go.  If I’m going on a trip with my brothers or a group of close friends, then those are the people who I’m going to ask.  Sometimes I may want to take just a solo trip and do the things that I want to do at my own pace.

  1. Be careful

Honestly, this doesn’t bother me.  What does bother me is what people say after they say be careful.  Some people, my parents in particular, would tell me not to take group tours because they’re a lot safer than just wandering around a foreign city.  I enjoy exploring a city on my own because I can go at my own pace and I don’t have to leave a certain place when the tour group leaves.  Also, I’m 6’3 so being mugged or kidnapped is the last thing I’m worried about.







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