Can We Just Skip the Airport?

Traveling to different parts of the world is an experience that wouldn’t trade for the world.  To be able to experience different cultures is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life, but if I had a time machine, I would skip over all of the b.s. at the airport and just get to the destination.

While I do enjoy posting the standard passport picture on Instagram to get more likes, the airport is one place that I dread going to.

Here is a list of reasons why I hate airports.

  1. Waiting in line.

Anybody who’s ever traveled by plane knows that the airport has nothing but long lines.  First, you have to wait in line to check in and check your bags, unless you have carry-on luggage.  Then, you have to wait in another line to get through TSA.  Before you leave you have to get in another line just to board the plane and if you can only afford to fly coach, like myself, you’ll have to wait longer.  When you land, you have to wait in line again to get off the plane and then you have to wait in yet another line to go through customs.  After all of that, you finally get to leave the airport.

  1. TSA

I get that TSA is there to make sure nobody brings any weapons on the plane, but some of their guidelines are so pointless.  You can’t bring any liquids with you and you can only bring a small bottle of lotion, toothpaste, gels, etc. through the metal detectors.  I had to throw away a brand new bottle of Jergens because it was too big.  Also, make sure to take off your belt because they literally patted down every inch of my lower body because my belt made the metal detector go off and they checked my hands for gun residue.  I have nothing to hide, but I could do better things with my time than that.

  1. Customs

If I land at 12:00, I would love to be out of the airport by no later than 12:10 or 12:15, but I already know that won’t happen.  If you land in another country, you have to go through customs, which is a waste of time.  So if you aren’t allowed to enter a country, you basically took a long flight for nothing.  Also, they ask a lot of questions.  What are you here for?  Have you been here before?  Where are you going to be staying?  When are you going back home?  Do you have proof that you’re going back when you say you are?  When I go back home, it’s the same thing.

  1. Checking bags

After seeing the movie Meet the Parents years ago, a big fear of mine is an airline losing my luggage.  I traveled enough to know the procedures when checking bags but that doesn’t mean that I’m any less nervous.  Whether I’m in the terminal, on the plane or walking to baggage claim, I’m on pins and needles saying to myself “they better not have lost my bag.”  When my bag comes up the conveyor belt, the nerves are gone but they’ll come back as soon as I’m back at the airport.

  1. Delayed/Cancelled Flights

Being at the airport already involves a lot of waiting, but there’s nothing more aggravating than being forced to wait longer than you have to.  If a flight is scheduled to leave at 10:00, I expect the plane to start moving at 10:00.  Not 10:03.  Not 10:36.  Not only have I dealt with delayed flights, I also had a flight from Berlin to London get cancelled due to a strike so I had to travel to London by train, which I will discuss in more detail at a later date.  If I can avoid flight delays of any kind, I would be a happy man.

I’m not saying that everything about airports gets under my skin, but there’s a lot more bad than good about them.  However, my hate for airports will not stop me from traveling the world because I still have a lot more places I would like to go to.  When I come back from a great trip, the last thing I think about is my experience at the airport.


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